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About the Guild Policies: PLEASE READ

PnR Guildmaster
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The Pwncakes and ROFLs guild policies are posted here and we expect all new applicants as well as all current members to read them and agree to them.

Ours is not the only way of doing things and our policies are not the only reasonable ones;  quite the opposite!  Our policies merely represent the way that works specifically for our guild, and are designed to let prospective members know how we do things.  By spelling out exactly what this guild is and stands for, everyone involved knows what is expected of them.  

Our policies have been developed by the GM over the past 5 years using their experiences as a guildmaster.  We obviously think that our policies are fair and reasonable, or we would not be our policies.  =o)  That said, we know that not everyone is going to agree with every line of every policy.

What every member of the guild needs to evaluate is whether the policies -- as they currently stand  -- are agreeable enough that they will fit in well with us.  Joining this guild means agreeing to the policies and abiding by them, and if that is a problem for anyone they are free to let us know and move on.