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Applying to Raid with PnR - What to Expect

PnR Guildmaster
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Applying to Raid With 'Pwncakes and ROFLs' as An EXISTING MEMBER:

All EXISTING members of PnR are expected to complete the 'Core Raiding Group Application Form', as a formality.  - After you have completed the requisite form and also shown reliable, regular raid attendance, you will be give the rank of "Raider', which will allow you to reserve a slot in any of our in-guild raids.

Example:  If we are running a 10-man, and we have 16 'Core Raiders' who would like to attend, toons will be given priority based on seniority (time spent in the guild).

Applying to Raid With 'Pwncakes and ROFLs' as A NON-GUILD MEMBER:

If you are NOT already a member of PnR, and you are applying to raid with us, that means we have an advertised opening in an online forum or in /trade chat for your class in the one of our Core Raiding Groups.

If this is not the case, you are applying as a non-raider.  We do not keep a bench and we do not guarantee spots to anyone but those in the core raid group.  Keep in mind when you apply and are a class we are not recruiting that there is no time line for you to move into raiding.  If we're not looking for your class and you want to be raiding ICC-25 immediately, you are better off applying elsewhere.

The Application Process

Our application process might seem long and complex, but, we find it necessary to make sure that those we bring in will fit in well with us and enjoy their time in the guild.  One of the qualities we look for in all our players is patience, and if you do not have the patience to go through this simple process, it is likely you are not a good fit in the first place.  =o)

If you feel that filling out an application or having an interview with us is a waste of your time, or unnecessary because this is "just a game," then please do not waste our time (or yours) with an application.

The Application Form

    * Please fill out the application as completely as possible and take your time with it. If your application is nothing but one-word answers and it looks like you took five minutes filling it out, we will take a similar amount of time to reject it.

    * Mind your spelling and grammar.  When it comes to in-game chat we are much more forgiving with typos and lack of capitalization, but this application is our first impression of you.  You should put some effort into it.  If your application is full of 1337-speak and bad grammar, we don't want to waste our time with you.

    * We are not asking your age for our health -- we prefer to recruit members OVER 18, however, if you are under 18, include a short paragraph about why we should waive this preference for you.  We're not here to have a discussion on the evils of ageism with you.  It's our guild and we don't have to have minors in our Core Raiding Groups.

    * We understand if you want to apply to guilds other than ours, and doing so does not void your application with us.  However, if you are carpet-bombing every guild on the server with applications, we will take the hint that you just want to join the first guild that will have you, regardless of how good of a fit it is, and will likely pass on you.

The Interview - Core Raiding Group Only

If you are applying in response to an advertisement for a core raiding member, we will need to have a 'live' interview with you.  Our interviews are conducted by at least one officer of the guild and preferably two.  We will generally meet with you together but occasionally separate interviews may be necessary.  

We like to hold our interviews using Ventrilo.  We will set up an appointment with you via email. These appointments are based on our raid and out-of-game schedules, and depending on urgency and scheduling issues we may take a couple of weeks to get it done. Your patience in these situations is greatly appreciated.

If it has been some time since you applied and you do not know the status of your application or have not heard from us, please feel free to contact an officer in game or on the forums.  Sometimes applications slip through the cracks, particularly in heavy recruitment periods.  We will do our absolute best to get back to you as soon as we can, but remember that we're real people with time commitments.