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Please say hello! Introduce yourself! Tell us a great (or bad) joke! =o) 27 57
by Crusty
OK, so this week I won't have much time to play (working double shifts next few days-ugh!) but I figured I'd toss this idea out anyway. I was just kind of wondering who, if anyone, would be up for scheduling an Ulduar run or two. I've never actually run the whole dungeon, I think it looks neat... 2 2
by PnR Guildmaster
We've had (4) hacked accounts plunder the guild bank recently. The last attack cost the guild 1k gold in items. Yikes! All tabs in the guild bank are now 'limited access' for all members, with the exception of tab #1, allowing 1 item w/d per day. Once your acct is protected by an authent... 0 0
by PnR Guildmaster
I do apologize for not being on for two months. At first i had thought i was locked out due to being hacked,, but after many emails to blizzard over a month and a half, i found out i was not hacked. Rather somehow my authenticator locked me out. As some of you may know, i started a new job last ... 1 1
by PnR Guildmaster
I just had a procedure yesterday, so I'm gonna be laid up for 4-6 weeks, and I may not have enough energy for a raid, and I'm dealing with some pain. Just wanted to make sure I didn't get kicked because I'm just not up to playing. 1 1
by PnR Guildmaster
So as some of you may know, my WoW account was recently hacked (actually I still can't play yet as I'm writing this). But I know that it's not just been me that's getting this problem. I figured I might as well tell the rest of you awesome guildies about my experience with this hacker and some i... 1 6
by Oldenn 0 0
by PnR Guildmaster
Everyone who is a member of the guild is more than free to make suggestions on how the guild can better serve them. We're all in this together! Please use this thread for both suggestions and constructive criticism. All posts will be given fair attention! NOTE: Please do NOT use this t... 1 1
by Cadh