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PnR Guildmaster
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Guild Chat, Party Chat and Raid Chat

As a guild which expects its members to behave like adults, we tend to have "adult" chat in game. Our chat is often, playful, loose, and even an R-rated environment.  That said, there are certain behaviors that we frown upon or are flat-out not permitted:

    * Arguing or flaming in guild chat will not be tolerated. No one wants to see two people squabbling about their own issues in public.  Don't do it.  Ever.

    * Hateful, malicious, derogatory remarks made toward minority groups (ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.) are not permitted. This is a large guild, with many people of different origins and lifestyles, and we respect that diversity.

    * Though they are not forbidden expressly, we closely watch any discussion of religion and politics in chat, as these subjects center on deeply personal beliefs and any discussion of them has the potential to quickly get out of hand. Do not feel like you can't bring up these topics at all, but, if you do, watch what you say and how you say it.

If we see any of the above taking place in guild or party chat, we will ask the offending parties to either stop or take it to tells.  Regarding subject matter or joking on certain delicate subjects, remember that a lot of what is socially acceptable to a group of people (like a guild) depends on how well everyone knows each other, how comfortable everyone is, or just the general context of a conversation.  Intentions can change and meanings can change, depending on context or on what is said to whom.

Direct, honest, polite communication can be key in these situations.  If you find yourself upset or offended by something someone has said, privately and directly let them know that it bothered you.  And if you are told that you have said something bothersome, respect the other party's feelings and back off.  Being open and direct can make our chat a better, more comfortable environment for everyone.


Our 'Guild Only Chat' and Raid Channels (5, 10, and 25-man) are for use by the guild and our guests.  Please use the channels as specified for each group/party/dungeon/raid appropriately.  Send an in-game email to Arztin if you are unable to access these channels.

The Pwncakes and ROFLs GM has also provided a 'Guest Chat' Channel so that those in our guild are able to chat with their friends outside of the guild while they hang out in-game.  Under no circumstances should a person not guilded with us be using our Vent without a 'PnR' guild member escorting them.  If a non-guildie is found alone in our Vent channel, they will be removed, and the person who gave them access will be removed from the guild.

It is the responsibility of all PnR guild members to make their guests aware of our  Vent rules!  If a guest is not doing something WITH a PnR guild member, they should not be using our vent channel.

While the GM provides this Vent server for the use of all our guild members, there is a fine line between making good use of it and using it as a duty-free long distance phone line at the expense of the GM.  If you are constantly in Vent, not doing anything in game but monopolizing a channel that could be used by others, you are taking advantage of the generosity of the GM and will be asked to stop.

The Guild Forums

We maintain an active website and guild forums.  All members should check here frequently to keep current on guild events, policies and information.  The forums are also a part of our guild community, and are open to discussing anything in game or out of game.

When you post on the forums, remember that a message board is text-based chat.  It can be more difficult in print to make yourself completely understood in a conversation and this can sometimes cause some mis-communication.  Ultimately, there is a gray area with written conversation, but everyone needs to own what they post.

As far as content, the Forum Moderators will rarely step in and shut down a conversation.  Heated conversations, while sometimes unpleasant, can often have positive results.  If you are worried about getting into a flame war with someone, be wary about stepping into a conversation that may get heated!

Our website does have several public forums.  Guild members are more than welcome to post in these areas, but remember that our is a PUBLIC forum, open to visitors and the eyes of the world, and that what you post on the Internet, you own FOREVER.  Please think before you click!  =o)