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Guild Player Conduct

PnR Guildmaster
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Guild Player Conduct

This guild will remain stong throughout its lifespan, for the most part, because of the high expectations we have for our players.  We would hope to attract members who possess a great personality, even temperament and helpful, respectful attitudes.  Every member of this guild is expected to treat other players (in guild or otherwise) with respect and courtesy, whether the setting is the game, the official forums, our own forums or other sites.  We're proud of our guild and what our guild tag represents, so treat that with respect and live up to the expectations we (rightly) have for all of you.

General Conduct

The following actions are not tolerated and may result in removal from the guild:

    * Malicious sexism, racism, bigotry, or other types of hate speech, or threats of violence against another person. This includes malicious slurs based on sex, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

    * Harassment of other players (guild members or otherwise).  There is no excuse for this--even if the other person "started it," we expect members of this guild to take the high road and ignore them, or let an officer know, or report them to a GM.

    * Arguing policies and decisions made by the leadership.  We encourage communication about policies and decisions, but remember that this is not a democracy and the guild leadership sometimes needs to make decisions for the good of the guild.

    * Unethical play.  Exploits, hacking, gold buying or selling, being a loot ninja -- these things will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the guild if you are caught at them. This list is not exhaustive, but if you are unsure whether something is fair play, that means it probably isn't.

    * Spamming (in guild chat, party chat, trade chat, or any other channels).  This is obnoxious and unnecessary.  You do not need to spam a macro to get your point across, so don't do it.

Conflict and Disputes

No matter how much everyone gets along, arguments are bound to happen.  That doesn't mean they need to happen in front of others -- anyone who gets into an argument in a guild channel will be asked to stop or take it to a private area.  We don't expect that everyone in this guild should be best friends with everyone else, but we do ask that everyone is publicly polite and civil, even if they are not privately.  Your personal disputes should not be a disruption for others, ever.

Ultimately, we ask all members of the guild to be responsible for their own relationships and potential personality conflicts.  We do not have the inclination or time to mediate for everyone.  If you are really at an impasse with someone and feel you cannot resolve it on your own, though, please come to an officer.  If we can, we will try to assist you, but only as a last resort.  We also cannot guarantee that we can solve everything -- sometimes differences between people are insurmountable.

If you have a problem with another guild, or a person from another guild, please bring it to an officer's attention and provide details and (if possible) a screen capture.  If necessary we will contact the leadership of the guild in question and try to resolve things.

Finally, if you have an issue with the leadership, or with our guild's policies, please contact the leadership privately (or if it's a general idea or solution for the guild that you can phrase constructively, post in our Suggestions Forum).  Guild chat and raid chat are never appropriate avenues for complaining about the leadership or our decisions.  We will always listen within reason, but again, this is not a democracy and we make no guarantees about tailoring the guild's rules to your specific needs.  If you are a consistent complainer, like to beat a dead horse over a particular pet peeve, or have a constant and destructive negative attitude about the guild and how it is run, you may be asked to leave, as you are clearly not happy here.