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Guild Rank Structure

PnR Guildmaster
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The following is the 'Pwncakes and ROFLs' rank structure:

GM: There can be only one, and, in this case, it happens to be 'Arztin'. =o)

Banker: Equivalent in rank to the guild's Guardians, this rank is held ONLY by the GM and their immediate family and friends. These characters have full bank access and are able to re-stock the bank, remove items for sale and re-deposit any earned money, can transfer items between tabs and can also withdraw items on the protected tabs for use by guild members.

Raid Leader: Equivalent in rank to the guild's Guardians, Raid Leaders have also taken on the additional responsibility of organizing and leading raids, distributing raid loot and making raiding party decisions. Raid Leaders are volunteers from the Guardian ranks and are vetted by the GM or Guardians prior to being given the title.

Guardian: The guild's officers, all Guardians participate in the decision-making processes for the guild. Guardians are always chosen based purely on need and no set number is kept. Guardians are chosen from the Benefactor list by the GM and current Guardians. Do not ask if you can become a Guardian. We know what sort of qualities to look for in a guild Guardian and we know whether we need one. If we think you'd be a good Guardian and we're in the market, you will know.

Class Leader: Members of the guild who have experience in all specs of their class. These players act as mentors and "know their stuff", inside and out. They open and maintain discussions with fellow class members in regard to talents, gear, gem and play style choices and spec suggestions that work for each type of game play (Raiding, BG's, Arenas, Farming, etc). Class Leaders are volunteers from the 'Raider' ranks who have proven themselves to be experienced, are able to communicate clearly and politely, have knowledge of raiding in general, and are willing to research their class further using resources like EJerks, wowwiki, warcry, etc.

Raider: Full members of the guild who have already attained 'Authenticated' rank. These guildies have shown CONSISTENT raid attendance over time. These members will be given PRIORITY to attend guild raids, over members who have not yet obtained this rank.

Authenticated: Members who have been with the guild for at least (2) full weeks and have purchased an account authenticator to protect their World of Warcraft account. Once your acct is protected by an authenticator - and you SHOW your core hound pup "live" to the GM or a raid leader / guardian - you'll be given access to all guild bank tabs.

Member: Full members of the guild who have been around for less than six months. Players will be moved into this rank after they speak with the GM, one-on-one, have spent AT LEAST (2) full weeks in the guild, and have also demonstrated that they have a full understanding of the guild's operation and rules.

Burden: Members who have proven themselves to be a drain on the guild, either financially or emotionally. This is a temporary position, meant to be used as a teaching tool for unacceptable guild behavior. Members who find themselves listed as 'Burden" rank will need to first speak with the GM, then will have their rank adjusted accordingly.

Initiate: Our newest members; on 'probation'. The probation period lasts for two weeks and we encourage those on probation to use that time to get to know the guild (as we will be getting to know you)! Initiates have restricted guild bank access.