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PnR Guildmaster
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All officers of PnR are expected to act as Guild Ambassadors and to welcome new members in to the guild when they feel that individual might be a good fit with our group.  That said, Public Image is Everything!  =o)

Please copy / paste the following invitations in to the Guild Recruitment Channel or to personally invite new members to the guild:


<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - A focused, progression guild. Helpful Guildmates. End game content. Balanced raids and fairly handled loot. Maturity and zero drama.  An experienced GM and Officers.  Silly, fun, folks. A great time! <PnR> - Raising the bar! PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is recruiting active, respectful, cool raiding toons.  We run ICC-10 twice weekly, and are looking for well-rounded folks to fill in our ranks and help with keeping our guild as active as possible. - PST and we'll chat!

Teamwork?  Essential.  A sense of humor?  Mandatory.  A good time?  Guaranteed! <PnR> - A fresh perspective!


Recently overheard in whisper:  "Q: How many dwarves does it take to screw in a lightbulb? ... A: 100.  1 to hold the bulb, and 99 to drink until the room spins." - <PnR>  We get all the good whispers!

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> raid chat: "He's like a human hand-grenade.  He does a !@#$load of damage, but, he dies in the process." - <PnR> Our dps-ers out dps YOUR dps-ers.

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> raid chat:  "I hafta work in the morning." ...... "No worries!  The Lich King will write you a slip." - <PnR> - The Lich King is our Momma!

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> guild chat:  "My guild got pwned by Illidan, and all I got was this lousy burn mark!" - <PnR> - All funny /g chat,  all the time!  PST  =o)

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> /raid chat: "OK ... who's MT and who's OT? ... I dunno ... I wanna check gearscores, but, he won't stand still!" - <PnR> A new perspective on raiding! PST =o)

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> /g chat:  "My sense of humor runs to nonsense. Which, let's face it, makes no sense. That's my two cents."  - <PnR> - For guild chat that's ALWAYS interesting! - PST!  

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> /g chat:  "So, basically ... all we need is Warcraft and Booty Crack, right?" ... "Right!" ... "Yupp!" ... - <PnR>  We've got our priorities straight.  PST =o)

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> /g chat:  "In accordance with line 32, Section 'C' of the Noob Accord, you are hereby removed from the group for major suckage.  Good Day, Sir!"  - <PnR>  Tellin' it like it is, one PUG at a time.  PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks: Doboo youboo speebeek "Zooboom Tabalk"?  Ibif sobo, youboo neebeed toboo joboin oubour rabanks abas abay Guibildeebee! <PbeeNbenRbar> Webee lobove toboo lebern newboo labangwabagebes! Pbee-Sbes-Teebee!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "Can you name five days of the week without writing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> members are often found dirty dancing with their draenei counterparts in BGs.  "Are you thinking what we're thinking? Good. Bring ample supply of butter, and Goblin Jumper Cables."  <PnR> - We <3 inappropriate-ness-ness.  PST =o)

Recently overheard in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> /g chat:  "Hey!  No worries ... The guild that wipes together, stays together!" <PnR>  We take our bio breaks seriously!  PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle ... but, I still hold water. What am I?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - We know that people are loners ... downright shy, even!  That's why, if you join <PnR> today, we promise to do our VERY best to ignore you!  <PnR> -  Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us! PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>  - In the immortal words of Rowdy Roddy Piper, "We came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum ... and, we're all out of bubblegum."  <PnR>  We Live! - PST!  =o)

(o= <PnR> <-- [Our Honor Students Made Your Tank Cry] --> <PnR> =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>  We'll help you learn all you need to know about WoW! Or, feel free to look here:,,,,,,,, and, last but certainly NOT least,  

Overheard in whisper recently:  "I told my guild that if I ever left them, it would be to join <Pwncakes and ROFLs>!"  <PnR> - The guild that other guilds secretly love.  Join today to come out of the closet!  PST =o)

Stduys sohw taht as lnog as the frist and lsat lteters of a wrod are the smae, popele can sitll raed tehm!  <Pwncakes and ROFLs> - If yuo cna raed tihs, jion qiukcly ... we need mroe poelpe lkie yuo!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>  - People try to put us d-down, just because we get around.  Things they do look awful c-c-cold.  I hope I die before I get old.   T-talking about our Guilderation ... <PnR>  - We're with the band.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me, filled me with FANTASTIC TERRORS never felt before! <PnR> - Raven-esque! PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - We're TRULY honorificabilitudinitatibus!  <PnR> - Join today and learn big, unpronounceable words!  =o)

While a member of <Pwncakes and ROFLs>, your happiness will depend solely upon your ability to laugh with your guildies, tell a great joke and kick boss butt.  <PnR> - Happiness is simple.  Really.  =o)  PST!

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "A certain five letter word becomes shorter when you ADD two letters to it.  What is the word?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>  knows - Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird.  Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away ... to anyone but us!  <PnR>  - We're with the band.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - Our guild members all have attractive and funny friends and/or spouses. We are either rocket scientists, brain surgeons, army generals, or wealthy stock brokers.  We all bench 350 and run a 4-minute mile. PST  =o)

You can dance if you want to.  You can leave your friends behind.  But, if they can't dance and can't pvp, zerg Ally cities and level ... then they ain't no friends of mine! <Pwncakes and ROFLs> - We write our own lyrics!  PST!

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is chock FULL of fatties, geeks, nerds, dorks and dweebs.  Join us!  We're not pretty, but, we know how to PARTY!  <PnR> - The people your mother warned you about.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>  is vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched ... It's the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine.  <PnR>  - We're with the band.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> prides itself on taking low level toons in to inappropriately dangerous places!  We ain't skeered, and neither should YOU be!  <PnR> - Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.  PST!  =o)

Overheard recently in <Pwncakes and ROFLs> /gchat ... "Holy crap.  Seed of Corruption rocks."  This little tidbit of wisdom (and more!)  can be YOURS if you join us!  <PnR> - Enlightening Chat for an Enlightening Experience.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

Witness above the fate of all guilds who would oppose us!  Mwah-ha-ha-ha!  <Pwncakes and ROFLS> - Destroyers of Guilds!  =o)

"Yo!  Getcher butt in our guild!" ... The preceeding message was brought to you by the new and improved Guild Recruitment Officer of <Pwncakes and ROFLs>.  Spiffy, huh?

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "My life can be measured in hours; I serve by being devoured.  Thin, I am quick; fat, I am slow.  Wind is my foe.  What am I?" Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is an easy-going leveling / raiding guild that offers all the usual accoutrements ... plus, Tauren cheerleaders in bikinis! Join today and enjoy the show.  <PnR> - Lotsa bare, lotsa hair.  PST!

Hungry?  How 'bout some <Pwncakes and ROFLs>? We're good ANY time of the day! We're a spiffy guild offering all of the usual accoutrements.  Extra ROFLs available upon request.  - PST! =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> knows that gnomes make the best shoes!  The problem is getting your feet in their tiny, little mouths.  <PnR> - An equal opportunity, He-man Gnome Hater's Guild!  PST! =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is an easy-going guild chock full of experienced toons and clueless noobs alike.  We offer all the usual fringe benefits.  PST with an inappropriate Gnome joke for consideration.  =o)  

Guild gotcha down?  Too much stress?  It it all raid, work, farm? Stop the insanity! <Pwncakes and ROFLs> is an easy-going guild with SUPER low standards.  <PnR> - Extra helpings of ROFLs available upon request. PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is now recruiting geared and experienced players.  We have Ragefire Chasm on farm and will be progressing thru Wailing Caverns soon!  Oh, and ... our tabard is better than your tabard.  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is recruiting!  We have no tabard, we have no bank slots, and we sure as heck aren't running your noob ass through any instances.  PST for invite!  <PnR> - A new kind of wonderful! - =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is family-friendly, alt-friendly, casual-friendly ... and OCD-friendly.  We're group therapy, Horde Style!  <PnR> - Our issues are WAY cooler than other guild's issues.  - PST  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> has been through the Dark Portal and promptly enlisted in the Burning Legion. It’s like the French Foreign Legion, but with more brimstone. <PnR> - Make sure you’re on the winning side of the future!  PST  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> has weathered Barrens chat, deathcoil, Chuck Norris, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise and every iteration of the word “noob”.  <PnR> - Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy!  PST =o)

Join <Pwncakes and ROFLs> and access our exclusive guild hall! We’ve named it Orgrimmar and stocked it with vendors, eye candy and a hot tub to call our very own! <PnR> – We don’t let a lack of guild features stop us.

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - Take your gameplay to a lower level!  Kick up your feet, stop the grind and join the coolest guild in the land !  <PnR> - It’s cool to call yourself “cool”.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - Let the good times roll ... Let us knock you around.  Let the good times roll ... Let us make you a clown.  Let us leave you up in the air ... Let us brush your rock and roll hair ... <PnR> - We're with the band.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is a guild tag that you can be PROUD of!  It’s built Ford tough AND sports a blue Bowtie, tastes like chocolate-covered Chuck Norris, and is now made with 100% fruit juice! <PnR> - The best of ALL worlds.  PST!  =o)

Join <Pwncakes and ROFLs>, and you’ll receive your own personal manservant, a complimentary mint on your hearthstone every night, and access to a guild timeshare condo located in Onyxia’s lair*. (*OK, we lied. But we’re a cool guild anyway!) =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "We have two U.S. coins that add up to fifty-five cents. One is not a nickel. What coins are they?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> You show us everything you've got, you keep on dancin' and the room gets hot!  You drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy!  You say you wanna go for a spin?  The party's just begun, we'll let you in!  <PnR>  We're with the band.  =o)

It bested the Boogeyman. It said “Candy Man” three times and lived. It even outlasted the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Furby. It’s… <Pwncakes and ROFLs>, the guild that ain’t afraid of your personal demons! PST for more info. =o)

WoW shouldn’t be work, and <Pwncakes and ROFLs> is stepping up to fight against the mindless grind and obsession over loot. Join the guild with the smokey flavor and genuine sense of fun.  <PnR> - A fresh perspective on a wonderful game! PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  Ever danced with a Gnome in the pale moonlight? Done the boogie woogie with a Tauren until you were lactose intolerant? Either way, if you’ve read this far, you’re the guildie for us! <PnR> — We’re here to party. PST!

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "Greater than God, more evil than the devil. The poor have it, and the rich don't need it. If you eat it, you'll die. What is it?" - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> puts hair on your chest. Builds character. Turns you from zero to hero. Takes putty and molds pure steel. Will help you build perfect abs using our patent 10g system. <PnR> - the guild that changed my life, and it can change yours!

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>  - You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold.  You say you want your story to remain untold; all the promises we make from the cradle to the grave, when all we want is you ...  <PnR> - We're with the band.  PST!  =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> is SO masculine that our male Blood Elves fall face-first under the weight of their chest hair! <Pwncakes and ROFLs> is SO feminine that we make Jessica Rabbit look butch!  <PnR> – Our genders are Awesome!  =o)

Lost? Confused? Struggling with the effects of athlete’s foot? <Pwncakes and ROFLs> understands, and we’re here if you need a hug. The first hug is free!  The second one will cost you your SOUL ... or, a donut. =o)  <PnR> - Join today!

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "Name an English word (which is also a common practice while playing Warcraft) that contains five consecutive vowels." - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

WoW is more than just grinding, and <Pwncakes and ROFLs> knows that! Join us for naked instance runs, fishing tournaments, squirrel discussions, scavenger hunts, BASE jumping ... and more! PST and start living The Dream!  =o)

Frankjones discussions about gnome psychology. Suicide charges into Stormwind. An alt-a-holic meeting on Thursday nights. <Pwncakes and ROFLs> knows how to get you to 200 days /played without losing your sanity. PST today!  =o)

We’re ALL nuts. And the squirrels know it. Your only hope for survival is to join <Pwncakes and ROFLs> and learn the ancient lore of Lotus Squirrel Repulsion.  <PnR> - Join the resistance today!  PST! =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> offers ALL the BEST features!  *cool, green, chat color, *FREE 'initiate' rank, *tons of linen cloth, *all the [Cookies] & [Milk] you can eat ... *And ... so much more!  <PnR> - We have stuff! PST  =o)

(o= TSP - !esolc oot er'uoy ,siht daer nac uoy fI ... luferac eB  .stnega-elbuod htlaets gnitiurcer si <sLFOR dna sekacnwP>

(o= !yadot nioj dna esur revelc ruo hguorht ees ot [doG lerriuqS eht fo rorriM] ruoy esU  !uoy dniheb pu gnikaens si <sLFOR dna sekacnwP>

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks:  "An electric train is traveling northwest at 95 MPH, and the wind is blowing southwest at 30 MPH. In which direction does the smoke blow? - Join <PnR> to find out the answer (and WHISPER if you know it)! - PST =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> - Gnomer gave us night terrors, our bones line the walls of Scarlet Monestary, Onyxia has scorched us more times than we can count, and ICC is ... @#$%^&!  <PnR> - We wipe with *style*.  PST  =o)

So, I had this dream last night, right?  There was a pygmy circus clown, a demon-possessed bunny and Bill Maher, all chanting “Join <Pwncakes and ROFLs>!”  Then I woke up, drenched in sweat, clutching a [Rabbit Foot].  I think it’s a sign - PST! =o)

Are you bored?  Not dying enough?  Join <Pwncakes and ROFLs>, and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs ... and pulling 10 mobs at once! <PnR>  - Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers. PST =o)

Lost?  Confused?  Lonely?  Constipated?  Twitterpated?  Giggly?  Hurt?  Crazy?  Boggled?  Excitable?  Bumfuzzled?  Hungry?  Kidnapped?  Sweet-smelling?  <Pwncakes and ROFLs>: The guild for every state of mind.  PST! =o)

<Pwncakes and ROFLs> asks: Are you:  * friendly? * slightly crazy, but in a good way? * an altaholic? * looking for a WoW experience beyond the grind? * prone to falling off cliffs? * mature, and * dead sexy? <PnR> - Join to find your perfect fit! PST =o)


**  Make your suggestions for new, creative recruitment messages below!  **


**  Make your suggestions for new, creative recruitment messages below!  **
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After Someone Joins - The Guild Welcome Messages!

PnR Guildmaster
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Email Title: Welcome to PnR!  =o)

PLEASE READ & UNDERSTAND all of the welcome emails!

Formed on Oct 31, 2009, we have 170+ toons, 90+ unique members, and 65+ L80s.  We have a sweet tabard, a Vent server, and our bank is nicely stocked.

Tabards are in the guild bank;  please help yourself.  Your bank access increases with rank if your acct. is authenticator protected.  The guild rules, raid rules, bank rules, etc. are posted in the forum.  PLEASE read them!


Email Title: Ventrilo Voice Chat

Ventrilo voice chat is a REQUIREMENT to raid with PnR.  (We also have a blast in Vent!)  Download the FREE client software at:

User Name: MUST be your within-guild MAIN NAME

Server: Pwncakes and ROFLs
Personal PW: Your choice; EMAIL your PW to the GM!

**Please respond to this email with a PERSONAL password so the GM can create your Vent user acct.**



Email Title:  The PnR Website

We have a Website that you MUST read.  The URL is & is listed in the guild Message of the Day.  

Please visit the Forum within the next week and register using your IN-GUILD MAIN NAME.  It takes 30 seconds.  =o)

Everyone starts out as an 'initiate'.  
You'll be promoted to full 'member' status after two weeks AND after you register at the forums.  

We also have a Youtube channel at:

Again, Welcome!  =o)


Email Title: PnR Raiding

We're an active guild with an active raiding schedule!

All events are on the in-game calendar.  You MUST RESPOND to your invite to be given raid priority.  Please be READY TO RAID 15 minutes prior to the event!

After you show regular, reliable attendance, and show a FIRM
understanding of our raiding rules, you will be given a permanent slot, with an appropriate rank increase.

See you in /raid chat!


Email Title:  When is your Birthday?

In PnR, we like to recognize birthdays!

Please respond to this email with the month and day of your birth, so we can send goodies!


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Re: Guild Recruitment Messages

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