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Loot Distribution

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Loot System

<Pwncakes and ROFLs>, in both 10 and 25-man content, uses Merit or Loot Council to award loot.  Let's keep it simple.  =o)  It is the goal of <PnR> ensure that everyone who puts forth a decent amount of effort earns a decent amount of loot.  This is NOT about greed, or solely about personal benefit towards any individual raider.  This is about teamwork!

Loot Distribution Method

If an item drops that you're interested in, sit patiently (or move to latter pulls if applicable) while waiting for your item to be called.  All items will be linked in raid, and the Loot Officer will ask for people to speak up if they're interested.  Simply respond in raid chat with 'want' to show your interest.  =o)

If there is no interest, all those interested for off-spec will be instructed to roll /random 100, to determine who gains the item in question.  The officer or leader in charge of the raid also has the authority to give an item to a specific person outside the bounds of the random off-spec rolls, if, in their best judgment, there is a reason for this someone else to have the item.

Once an award decision has been made, that players name will be called and the item is awarded to that individual.  The next item will then be called.  If you have questions as to the reasoning behind the loot awards, feel free to ask politely, in private.  Most likely, the raid leader (or another officer who made the call) will be more than happy to explain it to you.

Reasons for Loot Distribution Choices

The reasons for any given person to get an item over another person can be a myriad of things and may involve, but are not limited to, the following:

      Biggest Upgrade
      Raid Attendance
      Performance and Attitude
      How it benefits the guild
      How it benefits the individual
      How recently the recipient received an item

After the Loot Officer receives a full list of those interested, they will take into account all of the above, and weigh carefully who best deserves / needs the item.  Once an item has been awarded, the decision is final unless an extenuating circumstance exists.  Any changes to loot awarded are made at the sole discretion of the Loot Officer for that raid.

In the event that the Loot Officer is interested in an item, to maintain a level of clear and unobstructed fairness, they will hand off the responsibility of awarding that specific item to another officer or senior raid member.