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Raiding Rules

PnR Guildmaster
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General Raiding Rules

    * You are expected to be courteous and affable, if you cannot be either, then you are expected to be silent.
    * People who are not raid leaders and have not been given specific duties that impact the raid are expected to remain as quiet as possible.

    * We realize that this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun!  Pwncakes and ROFLs raids ARE fun!  That said, we expect there to be a general level of chatter at times.  This is appropriate when we are not killing mobs or explaining events.

    * If someone with more experience then you is trying to give the raid some insight or information, listen to them and respect their advice.

    * Because of our guild standards, policies, and members, our Raid Leaders should never have to raise their voices in Ventrilo.  If someone feels the need to scream at the raid for attention, it is because people aren't listening, not because they intend to upset everyone.

Raiding and Text Chat

It is understandable that people will be typing in raid chat, as, Vent should generally be pretty quiet (see above). This is fine so long as it does not get excessive or becomes intrusive.  If we're asking that vent be cleared then that also applies to raid text.  It generally means we're moving forward, explaining something, or you're supposed to be paying attention.

 General Raiding Information

In raids, things should usually run like clockwork ... well, except for the wipes.  =o)  This is not only due to superior gear (yay!);  it's also because participants should make an effort to minimize raid down-time by staying alert and on the ball.

If the primary healers have mana, the raid will move forward.  If you are in need of mana at that time, please feel free to sit down and drink.  So long as you're not out of commission for the entire fight, we can usually handle it without you.

If you need something specific, such as buffs or water, private message someone of the appropriate class and ask them politely for what you require. There should be no need for us to hear "Hey I need a MOTW" every time you do.

      a) If we're in the middle of a fight, that's not an appropriate time to be asking.

      b) If the person does not respond in a timely fashion, try asking another member.

      c) If after three attempts you have still not received what you need, it is OK for you to ask over Vent.

Raid Strategies

There is a high level of difficulty and a lot of preparation that goes into leading a raid.  Most folks would have a hard time looking at the composition of a raid, assess the level of experience, and formulating ways in which to utilize what they have to accomplish what they want.  Most people simply do not have the ability to lead raids.  It's hard, grueling work!

That said, the Raid Leader is in charge of choreographing all of the participants and making sure the raid is a success.  As a raid leader, it is their responsibility to make tough calls, add people, cut people, or administer discipline.  Unless you're the one of the two Raid Leaders who are in charge of the raid, there is no reason for you to be addressing any of those issues.

 Our Raid Leaders are the people who spend hours researching strategies ... so you don't have to!
    * Among the reasons that our Raid Leaders are promoted:
          1)  They are usually calm, respectful and organized
          2)  They handle large groups of people and stressful situations well
          3)  They have studied the fights or participated in many, many raids, and
          4)  They know what they're talking about and what they're doing
    * We respect the fact you have probably been into that dungeon, and have probably done it a "different way".  Your opinions may be well-founded and good-intentioned, but if you're telling the raid what YOU would do, it undermines the Raid Leader's authority and even worse, confuses people.  This is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  We understand there are many ways to accomplish certain things, but it is The Raid Leader's call as to how they want THIS raid to go.  Let the Raid Leader to their job, and you do yours.  =o)

    * It is all right for you to add your experience when appropriate.   If something is not going well, then a timely private message may be in order.  PM the Raid Leader, and ask for the floor.  Do not get upset if your suggestion is refuted or not acted upon.  Ultimately, it's the Raid Leader's call.

    * There is a time and a place for everything.  If the raid leader is asking for suggestions, feel free to give them.  But, if the raid leader makes a decision, you need to respect that decision and perform your appointed duties.  After the raid leader makes a decision is not the appropriate time for suggestions.

Raiding Mats

Below is a basic list of what we expect people to bring to any Progression Raid night.  You do not need all the items listed (some are class specific) but you must have most of them.  If you don't know whats best for you ask any of the officers and they can compile a small list tailored for just your class.

Flasks - This is an absolute requirement.  You are required to have enough flasks on hand for your respective role/spec, for the entire raid night.  We raid for between 2 and 3 hours every raid night, and, a flask lasts 1hr  --  do the math.  =o)

Potions - Each person is expected to have at least 10 Potions that are applicable to their class/role. These can be, but are not limited to:

      Potion of Wild Magic
      Potion of Speed
      Runic Mana Potion
      Runic Health Potion

If you are unsure of which potions you need for your respective class/role, discuss this with another member of your class, or an officer.  You will be expected to bring these potions to EVERY raid encounter.

Food - The guild will usually provide Fish Feasts during a raid, though you are more than encouraged to bring any other food you feel better benefits your class/role.  If you wish to donate food used in the creation of Fish Feasts, please deposit them in to the LAST TAB of the Guild Bank.

Repairs - You know how much your repair costs are, and it is entirely your own responsibility to come prepared to raids with enough gold to sustain a night of wipes - it will happen, so be prepared for when it does.  The guild will contribute 20 gold, per raiding member, per day towards the cost of repairs.

Bandages - Bandages are by no means an absolute requirement, but they are highly suggested. It is your responsibility to find every edge and advantage to push your performance in raids. If you feel that bandages can give you an edge, I would expect you to bring them.

Required Addons for Raiding

Below is a list of required mods and programs that the guild uses for its overall benefit and progress.  You MUST have these mods before raiding with PnR.  They are as follows:

Ventrilo  -  You MUST have a working microphone if your raid role is that of TANK or HEALER.  Having a working microphone is highly recommended for everyone;  they cost about $20.
Ventrilo can be downloaded here:

Deadly Boss Mods  -  All members must have the current and updated version of this mod before they are allowed to raid.  It can be downloaded here:

Omen  -  This mod allows members to watch their aggro rating and remain constructive by not taking aggro from the tanks and thoughtlessly wiping raids.  It can be downloaded here:
(Please Note: This mod is updated almost daily, it is your responsibility to keep your version current.)

If you are missing any one of these mods or requirements, you will be suspended from raiding.  If you cannot comply, or willfully renege on these requirements, you will forfeit your position in the Raid Team.

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Raiding for Newbies

PnR Guildmaster
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If you're a "new" Level 80, and you intend to raid with PnR, it would be beneficial if you read this post:
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Guide to Beginning Raiding

PnR Guildmaster
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Hello PnR!

If you are reading this it probably means you would like to begin raiding ... and are smart enough to have checked the guild website before assuming there is nothing of worth.  =o)

In this guide I will not go through individual classes, but more of roles.  I will cover  items that are useful, awareness, and generally how to BE GOOD at your role.

Flasks:  Paid buffs that last 1 HOUR.  The easiest way to get these are from the AH or from your fellow guildies.  You should carry 3 with you for every raid.

  -  Flask of The Frost Wyrm - +125 Spell power- ALL caster DPS will use this one.
  -  Flask of Pure Mojo - + 38 Mp5 (Mana regen ever 5 secs.) - I Recommend this for newer healers, at least untill you get all the Mp5 you need, then switch to FotFW.
  -  Flask of Stoneblood - +1300 Maximum Health - This is the Tank Flask, as more stam means you live longer.
  -  Flask of Endless Rage - +180 To your attack power - This is the Flask for Melee DPS. (Sorry Rogues, no + Agil)

Many people that are new to raids are used to doing dungeons.  In dungeons, you stand in one place and burn the boss.  This changes!  In raids, Blizzard likes to throw a lot of poop on the floors.  This means fire, acid, ice patches, etc.  YOU MUST STAY AWAY FROM THE POOP!  It does not love you.  It is not the healer's job to keep you alive if you decide to not move.

Tanking changes as well.  When you go from heroics (where you just pick up adds, and hold the boss) to raiding, the game changes!  Each fight is different but many involve debuffs, kiting, moving the adds, turning the boss, etc. is THE BEST reference on specific fights.  They have videos and guides on what to do.  For DPS as well, check that site!

Healers have different roles. There will be a heals on the Main tank, the offtank, and raid heals. RH keeps random people alive (normally druids or shammies) And the tank healing role is pretty self explanatory.

Remember ... Stay out of the poop!