Removal From and Quitting the Guild

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Removal From and Quitting the Guild

PnR Guildmaster
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Removal from the Guild

Generally, PnR is a pretty laid back guild. Over the guild's lifetime, we have rarely had to remove anyone for disciplinary reasons. While we try to avoid removing anyone, occasionally it is necessary.  We may consider removing a player from the guild for the following:

          Being a jerk. -- One of the defining traits of PnR is that, regardless of their age in dog years, we like our members to act like adults. =o)  This means both that our members should be able to handle adult (R-rated) conversation, and that they should be able to handle any interpersonal conflict in a mature, direct manner. That is, if you are told by someone that you have crossed a line with them, you should respect that and back off. If you habitually can't respect other members and are malicious, hateful or offensive, you will be removed.

          Pirates are good, ninjas are bad. *grin*  --  Pirates may occasionally and accidentally "need" something or auto-loot something they shouldn't have. They generally apologize for it, make compensation, and are ridiculed for it by other players in the guild until someone else does something stupid to focus the ridicule elsewhere. =o)  Ninjas purposefully take items that are not theirs and are unapologetic kleptomaniacs. The latter group has no place in this guild.

The ninja rule also applies to anyone in a raid or group who decides to game their way around our loot policies in order to get more loot for themselves, or for their friend, or to prevent someone they feel is undeserving from winning. Our loot policies are in place for a reason and anyone found intentionally looking for loopholes will be removed.

          The "High Maintenance Guildie"  --  Any member of this guild should feel free to come to the officers if they are having trouble.  However, there is a difference between coming to us and drowning our screens in lavender text regarding every minor irritant of your in-game life.  If we notice that you can't seem to go five minutes without complaining to us about something, that probably means that you are not enjoying your time with us and that you should move elsewhere.

          The "MIA Core Raider"  --  We realize real life can sneak up on our members and that sometimes it is impossible to get a hold of us quickly.  That said, members of the guild who have committed to the core raid group have done just that:  committed themselves to BE THERE as much as possible.  Other people are depending on you to honor your commitment and show up.  If you are gone for one week without anyone knowing where you are, you will be removed form the core raid group.  After two weeks without any contact (phone, email, forum, Ventrilo), you will be removed from the guild.

          The "Guild Roster Ghost"  --  We have noticed some players in the past who log on momentarily, or at odd hours, to reset their "last online" counters so it appears that they are still active in the guild. This is sneaky and disrespectful--if you are inactive and would like to remain guilded, work something out with the officers instead of taking a backdoor route to staying in the guild. We will not tolerate this practice and will remove anyone who is doing it.

For the most part, this guild is like baseball when it comes to disciplinary action for minor offenses. You will generally get three strikes and then you are out. If you cannot figure out that what you are doing is annoying everyone around you after being told three times, then this is not the guild for you. For more major offenses, you may not get a second chance.

Quitting the Guild

We want you here.  We aren't gearing you up for bigger and better things with another guild; we're gearing you up so that we can do the bigger and better things WITH you.  =o)  If you have issues with the guild that are keeping you from enjoying yourself, please talk to an officer.  This doesn't guarantee that we will immediately make changes tailored to your needs -- it is possible that your problems cannot be solved by us and that you are just not a good fit here.

Regardless of your reasons, if you choose to leave the guild we ask that you speak with one of the officers in game or in Vent.  If we can't resolve your issues, or you simply want to move on, we'll wish you the best.  We expect you to leave the guild during your normal play times (i.e., do not wait until 3 a.m. when no one is on to see you leave) and give the guild members a chance to say goodbye.

This guild does not have a revolving door.  If you decide, after leaving, that you would like to come back, you will need to reapply through the GM to re-join the guild. Any applications of this nature are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and you are by no means guaranteed another invite. If you left on good terms and discussed your departure with us, we will consider it. If you burned your bridges on your way out of town, your chances are not good, to put it mildly.

The following are good ways to guarantee never being re invited if you quit:

    * Applying to another guild while guilded with us*. We consider applying to another guild a resignation notice, particularly if you have not informed an officer that you are looking elsewhere.

    * Leaving a "Dear John" letter on the forums or sending one to an officer and quitting in the middle of the night.

    * Quitting in the middle of a temper tantrum.

    * Threatening to leave the guild if you do not get your way. If you issue this sort of ultimatum to an officer, be prepared to have your bluff called and find yourself without a guild tag.

    * Guild leaders and officers do often read each other's application forums, including private application forms.  Think twice before you bash your current or former guild in an application.