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The Guild Bank

PnR Guildmaster
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Guild Bank General Guidelines

Rule #1: Always Be Reasonable
Rule #2: See Rule #1
Rule #3: If unsure about the correct way to implement Rule #1, ask any of the officers.

The guild bank works on the principle that Rule #1 will be observed.  There is an element of trust at work here that everyone must live by in order for the bank to work.  If you decide not to play by the rules, remember that the bank has activity logs and that we do monitor them.  =o)

The purpose of the guild bank is to have a central location where everyone in the guild can deposit items for others in the guild to use. This does not mean that the guild bank is a dumping ground for anything and everything in your bags -- see Rule #1.

That said, there are some pre-Wrath items that are still useful, valuable or desired.  You can put them in the bank but the officers will occasionally go through the tabs and remove items that do not fit in with the purpose of the guild bank.  Said items will be converted into cash and that cash will be deposited back into the bank.

Some basic extensions of Rule #1:

    * Try to stay in the here and now.  Withdrawing items for future use is frowned upon; as is withdrawing an item for an ALT.  If you can't use the item ON THE TOON YOU'RE WITHDRAWING IT WITH, don't withdraw it.

    * Never, EVER withdraw an item and put it up for sale on the Auction house. If you get caught doing so, you will be asked to leave the guild.

    * If you have something of value that you would like to donate (BoE epics, large amounts of valuable materials, anything that you think should be under restricted access), please email it to 'Arztin'.

Guild Bank Tab Breakdowns

All bank tabs are on a level-specific, withdraws-per-day limit.

Tabs 1-6 are marked with which items they contain, and include:

    * Crafting materials or crafted items like cloth, gems, potions or glyphs

    * Green-quality or lower items for d/e

    * Blue and greater quality items for use by the guild

    * Buff food and cooking items
    * Consumables used in raiding (fish feasts, potions and flasks) - Please do not use the items from this tab for anything outside of 5-man, 10-man or 25-man raiding.

Trade and Selling in Guild Chat

We hope that you would voluntarily donate items to your fellow players or to the guild bank from time to time.  We do understand that there is value on some items and that you need to ensure that your character is financially solvent, so never feel pressured to give more than you can.  If you choose to sell a high-value item to a guild member, realize that we cannot tell you a price to set these items at but we would hope that it would be reasonable and not marked up from current economic rates on the server.

We encourage posting items for donation and, in some cases, trading items to other players in guild chat.  While we understand that many items in the game are valuable and characters need to make money, we would rather not use our guild chat as a trade channel.  Post the item you wish to trade and if a member has interest, discuss the cost in private.  It is never okay to have an open bidding war in guild chat.

As a guild, we are here to help one another, not gouge our fellow members for gold.  At the same time, members should not expect to get something of great value for little or nothing.  Respect that your fellow members have repair bills and other monetary needs, just as you do.
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GREEN and BLUE armor/weapons on Tab #1

PnR Guildmaster
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We've had (4) hacked accts plunder the guild bank recently.  The last attack cost the guild 1k gold in items.  Yikes!

All tabs in the guild bank are now 'limited access' for all members, with the exception of tab #1, allowing 1 item w/d per day.

Once your acct is protected by an authenticator  -  and you SHOW your core hound pup "live" to a raid leader / guardian  -  you'll be given access to all guild bank tabs.

Thanks for understanding!

The guild bank will be pared down every weekend and all GREEN items will be d/e'd and the enchanting mats deposited in the guild bank.  

All BLUE armor and weapon items will remain in the guild bank for use by guild members.  Please only take WHAT YOUR TOONS CAN USE.

Please ... do NOT w/d items to sell on the AH!  =o)